Our Story

   Hi! I'm Shellie, welcome to my website! There are so many things I could say about my love for photography and my business, it's very difficult to find a place to start. I have been in business since 2003, and while back then I never intended for it to be such a huge part of who I am, it certainly has become that over the years. It's such a huge part of my heart and soul, and I'm very glad God has lead me down the path that has lead to where my business is today. 

 My long time clients know much of my personal life as I have been very open over the years.  My clients truly become to feel like my family. The past 3 years however have been my roughest and best all at once. They have also been my most private. I have been through a divorce, and I have also found my greatest love. Both have taught me so much about myself through the hardest days, and the most amazing days I never knew were possible. Through it all, my love for my business has stayed so strong, and being such an huge part of your lives have truly been a saving grace for me. Capturing your families and babies have been some of my brightest times in days where there was no brightness to be found. I'm forever grateful for my clients and their amazing support and love I have been flooded with.

 As years go by life shows you just how weak and strong you are.  It also shows me how important my job truly is. Moments of every day are so fleeting and so precious. For me to have the honor to create art along side some of the most amazing families in the world is a true blessing to me.

Life is so short, love is so powerful in all forms. If there is anything that you should want to know about me, it's that this little job of mine is so deeply important to me, and not something I take lightly. I don't take pictures, I'm capturing your memories for you to hold tight to for the rest of  your lives. Moments that feel like right now will last forever, but will be gone in the blink of an eye. Life and the ones you love are a treasure, hold them as tight as you can, for as long as you can. If I can help be a part of that process, I have done something amazing while in this world. 

Thank you so much for considering me as your photographer! 

~Shellie Beach